6 Important Photographs in Life

Photographs remind us of the previous memories and changes that have happened in our life. Images don’t change even when the people in it change. Starting from childhood to adulthood, a person grows holistically that can only be captured visually by a camera. It unbelievable how one changes through life and its experiences to shape today’s oneself. Best memories are important and inspire good actions that define how well we do in life. Hundreds of images either captured or not come together to form a narrative of our lives.

Today, we share 6 important photographs in life from our gallery that capture and keep great life memories;

1. New Born Photographs

A new born brings joy to the family and the world. This photography is taken between one to two weeks after birth and it captures the most innocent moment of a child.  It’s the most humble stage in a person’s life and it here one’s narrative starts. All people are proud of their birth day, month and year and do treasure them with yearly celebrations. Some people even associate their luck and achievements on birth dates, month or year.

2. Baby-Shoots Photographs

Childhood memories are the best in life. Baby-shoots photography captures a child process of growing up that is also the starting point of them keeping own memories. Our siblings and neighbors are important part of childhood memories as we spend much time with them. This photography is best between 2 to 6 years of age.

3. Young-Age Portrait photography

Every person wishes to stay young. Girls look beautiful while boys are handsome and the best way to capture this impression is by taking a portraiture photographs. Portraiture have the ability to reveal a person’s personality and boost our self esteem.

4. Young Love photographs

Love is a beautiful thing. These photographs captures young love (new love) when you meet  that special person in life. A love story is always worth capturing and keeping it memories as it defines future relationships in life.

5. Wedding Photographs

These photographs captures when you say “yes I do”. They keep memories of a life commitment to one’s partner. Weddings are special events and everybody in the society looks forward to such dates to celebrate marriage.

6. Family Photograph

Majority of people dream and aspire of having a family. Family means everything to a human being social life. It where life starts and ends to many. Family photographs captures a moment in time alongside those you care for most.


In summary, photographs tell what is important to us by capturing a moment in life that is a moment of history. It therefore important noting that photographs are part of our legacy and are instrumental to narrating our story.

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