Portraits That Reveal Personality

Having a personal or family portrait awakens emotions and draws attention to a moment captured. A portrait photograph predominately represents a person’s face and expressions. Portraits aim to display likeness, mood or personality of a person or group. Therefore, we can say that portraits captures an individual or group personality by effective use of modern lighting, backdrops, and posses. In the following article, we reveal some portraits that captures one’s personality.

#1. Headshots

A headshot portrait focuses on a person’s face and is shot on a close-up angle. The photograph realistically demonstrates an individual’s appearance that is mostly used for casting or branding. This portraiture focuses on eyes, incorporates diffused lighting and has guided expressions to achieve a creative image. Eyes are important in this portraiture and are gateways to soul and also draws attention of the viewer.

Headshots portraits make your star shine

#2 Medium Shot Portraits

Medium Shot portraits are the most common in studio photography. These portraits frames a person from the waste or below waste area that allows capturing of hands gesture or motion. The medium shots portraits also captures details that define a person or group personality.

#3 Couple portraits

Couple portraits reveals romance in a relationship. They are poetic, dreamy, and passionate images that contain full of unspoken affection.

#4 Children Portraits

Children are spontaneous, a wonder and creative and maybe that why we all love them. Though, it hard to capture a natural child’s smile, once achieved, its genuine. Children portraits perfectly captures what being is a kid  is all about. The best part of having a child portrait is that it keeps reminding one where they come from.

In summary, portraiture photography are the best creative and dramatic photographs that reveal one’s personality by capturing emotions and drawing attention. At Creative Shots Studio Nakuru, we offer the above photography sessions in the most creative and professional manner. Book a session online and get 10% discount. Use the following link

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